CNVP Albania receives certificate of gratitude from Elbasan Regional Council

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CNVP Albania receives certificate of gratitude from Elbasan Regional Council

Active in all six Balkan countries, CNVP is focused on forestry, agri-rural development, natural resource management, renewable energy, women’s economic empowerment and value chain development. CNVP promotes sustainable development without degrading the environment i.e. the Green Economy.

CNVP is committed to capacity building to support all stakeholders at local, regional and national level, particularly strengthening the role of civil society in the forestry sector, using institutional development, multi-stakeholder processes, advocacy, lobbying and the promotion of democratic governance.

On 31 January 2018, CNVP Albania held a conference in cooperation with the Elbasan Regional Council (ERC). Local and national participants included Members of Parliament, the University of Elbasan, Qark, the Municipalities of Elbasan Region, the National Federation of Private Forest Users, other CSOs and representatives of Protected Areas.

During the event, ERC awarded CNVP a certificate of gratitude that said Special contribution in community service related to Natural Resource Development and Management: a worthy représentative of Elbasan Region. 

CNVP is proud of its contributions towards building a greener economy in Albania (and the Balkans generally). It will continue supporting its partners and stakeholders to use best practices, and promote new initiatives that will provide improved livelihoods and a better environment for rural communities.