Youth and environment

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Youth and environment

On 20 April 2018, CNVP Albania's office in Diber, organized a field activity focused on raising awareness of youth and children on the role of environment protection and tourism development. This event was organized in the framework of "Earth Day" with the students of "Papa Gjon Pali II" school of Ulza Administrative Unit, one of the target units CNVP Albania has in the framework of Sida funded project implementation, FLED "Forests for Local Economic Development". 

Held within the framework of World Earth Day, (the 2018 theme being Stop plastic pollution), the event drew attention to the importance of individual and collective actions toward the environment protection, responsibility and being more environment friendly. The focus was on Ulza Lake and its surroundings as a big possibility for tourism development, where environment protection is a priority.

Students, supported by CNVP and their teachers, had prepared different posters & drawings with slogans related to Protection of  forests & environment, Reduction  of plastic use, Cleaning of the surrounding environment, and Recycling .

CNVP advisors gave a talk to the students on the role the forest and pastures play in protecting the environment from pollution and the soil from erosion. CNVP has prepared a simple manual  with useful information on environment, forests and green economy for teachers to use as additional materials during their open teaching classes on environment.