CNVP supports sustainable public forest/pasture management in Diber

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CNVP supports sustainable public forest/pasture management in Diber

CNVP Albania facilitated dialogue between local actors in Peshkopi on 31 May 2018 concerning Sustainable Forest and Pasture Management.

Representatives of Municipalities, the Prefecture, Protected Areas, Administrative Units and Forest/Pasture User Associations of the Diber Qark discussed issues concerning improved cooperation in the forestry sector, particularly:

- protection (by natural and human factor, including fire);

- improvement of forests and pastures;

- tree planting;

- anti-erosion measures (mountain thresholds, fences, scions etc.);

- human capacities (number of employees, education);

- general infrastructure (roads, vehicles etc.);

- fees and reinvestment funds (budget);

- collaboration at central/local level, and co-ordination of the Forestry Fund;

- support provided by the Prefecture; and

- the role of Forest and Pasture Users Associations, the Federation of Forests and Pasture Users, and Civil Society.

The event was supported through the Forest for Local Economic Development project that is financed by the Swedish Embassy and implemented by CNVP Albania.